The art of playing a piano, or any other musical instrument for that matter, is to understand music, not simply play notes from a written page. This is why playing pianos is so easy for Bob Milne: he’s understood music all his life.

During a piano lesson with Mr. Milne, the student does not practice laborious scales and double-handed runs up and down the keyboard. The student is rather shown how to teach him/her self how scales are really quite easy once you understand the simple method that underlies each and every one of them. This allows the student to practice the finger coordination at home, perfecting to the level they wish.

The same is true with the structure of music. Mr. Milne explains that “there is no such thing as a complicated chord.” All of music, to Mr. Milne, is based on three simple chords, and every other chord is simply a small variation of the three.

Once these principles, and a few others equally simple, are understood, the student can then begin to teach themselves at home. You will be able to hear the similarities between, say, an American folk song and a Beethoven symphony. All music follows these principles. If it doesn’t, it fails as lasting music.

Piano (music) lessons with Mr. Milne are now offered on an individual basis at his studio in Lapeer, Michigan. The fee for these lessons is $130.00/hour, with a minimum of three hours.

To arrange for lessons, contact us at:

Bob Milne P.O. Box 586 Lapeer, MI 48446;   810.441-0021 or 810.441-6768; 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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